Mack Frost Narrowing List

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Spring Valley High School (Columbia, SC) defensive end Mack Frost has not put up the amazing statistics he is capable of this season. Due to a high ankle sprain suffered early in the year, he was forced to miss three games.

Unfortunately for the opposition, he is back to his usual high level of play, leading Spring Valley to a 5-4 record. The team is poised to grab the second seed in the playoffs.

“Because of the ankle injury I had to miss like three or four games,” said Frost. “It was a high ankle sprain. I tried to come back too early and I couldn’t play like I could. It’s pretty good now though.”

Spring Valley runs a base 4-3 defense, and Frost is the defensive end in that system. Recently, however, he has moved to defensive tackle and he seems to be adjusting well.

“I’ve played a little bit of tackle in recent games,” said Frost, who made the transition easily because of his 6-5, 250 pound frame. “I’ve played pretty good. In fact, in our last game I had ten tackles, one fumble recovery, and one interception [from defensive tackle]. It was the first interception of my career. They ran a quick out, so I went out with the pass. Luckily, a teammate batted the ball in the air and I was there for the interception.”

While Frost is regaining his all-state form, he is also gaining clarity in his recruiting situation. He has set up official visits to Maryland and Virginia, which is big for these programs as Frost only plans on making three or four total official visits.

“I’ve set up visits to Maryland on December 12th and Virginia on January 23rd,” said Frost. “I’m only going to set up maybe one or two more. My Dad wants me to narrow my list [to three or four] so I don’t get too confused.”

Frost mentioned “maybe Auburn, South Carolina, or NC State” are up for the final one or two slots. Two things stand out about Maryland and Virginia that helped them make the final cut.

“I like where each program is heading and I like the coaching staffs,” said Frost, who is being recruited to play defensive end. “At Virginia, I like how they are training players for the NFL. I’ve been interested in them since I went there for summer camp before my junior year. At Maryland, I really like Coach [Dave] Sollazzo, who is the defensive ends coach.”

Frost stopped short of naming a leader, largely due to the fact that