Sintim Plans to Wait

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Recruiting is not at the forefront of Clint Sintim ‘s mind these days. Following a 2-2 start for Gar-Field, the 6-3, 247 pound defensive end is focusing on turning the final year of his high school career into a memorable one.

In addition, he wants to be sure he makes a thorough and correct decision.

“I plan to wait until signing day,” said Sintim. “You only go through this once. I want to take all of my visits and make sure I’m going to the right place. I don’t want to think that there could have been one visit I didn’t make that could have been the place for me.”

Several teams make the early list as official visit candidates. At this point, UVA, Virginia Tech, and Maryland may not receive official visits because they are close to home.

Those three appear to be the favorites right now.

“Every time I narrow down my list, something happens and I can’t do it,” said Sintim. “I could see myself at Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Maryland. Those are my top three right now, but I am open. I’m not sure if I will take official visits to those schools because I want to use those for places not around here. Tennessee and Ohio State are some schools I’ll probably take official visits to.”

In terms of unofficial visits, Sintim noted that he will go to the Clemson at Maryland game this weekend, the Miami (FL) at Virginia Tech game on November 1st, and the Virginia Tech at Virginia game on November 29th. West Virginia may get a visit sometime as well.

Having been to UVA and Maryland before, Sintim is “looking forward to going to Virginia Tech. I haven’t been to [Virginia] Tech yet, and I’m anxious to see what it’s like.”

Schools are looking at Sintim as a defensive end prospect. Virginia likes him as an outside linebacker. Position will not matter when it comes down to decision time.

“I wouldn’t mind playing linebacker, but the defensive line is good too,” said Sintim. “Actually, anywhere is fine with me. As long as I get a chance to play. I mean, I don’t want to play only on kick coverage (laughs). I would do it, but I wouldn’t want that.”

Strong Man

As part of Gar-Field’s 1,000 pound club (combination bench, squat, and dead lift), Sintim is truly one of the strongest players in the state of Virginia. When he is in training,