Scouting Report: LB Hugh D’Imperio

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Scouting report on linebacker Hugh D’Imperio (6-5, 230, Washington Township HS, Sewell, NJ). The report is from Washington Township’s game against Triton, over a week ago, on 9/19/03.

Some thoughts on Hugh D’Imperio from tonight’s game, a 27-6 Washington Township victory over Triton.

Hugh is the biggest kid on his team, He looks at least 6’4″ and is listed at what appears to be an accurate 230. He’s got a big frame, though and looks like could easily handle another 20 or so LBs.

First off, Hugh is the key to this defense, without him in the game, the entire tenor changed. When he was in the middle, the D looked great, when he was out they looked average.

He was calling the plays, firing up his teammates and leading by example on the field. He left the game for most of the 2nd and 3rd quarters after hurting his shoulder on a tackle. Almost as soon as he left, Triton scored on that drive, and drove the length of the field, before stalling inside the ten on the next drive.

Some observations: Played left inside LB on Defense. Usually lined up 4 yards behind the D-line. And most plays went away from him.

Great lateral movement. First two steps were quick. Closed fast on the ball carrier. Didn’t miss a tackle, and was always around the ball. His only noticeable weakness against the run was when the play came right at him, where he got knocked back a yard or two. This is where he might be able to use another few pounds. As a sign of his great run defense, Triton passed much more when Hugh was in the game than when he was out.

Pass defense – Moved back into zone coverage easily, and looked comfortable, but they didn’t throw many balls to his side of the field. Nonetheless, no passes defensed, and no catches in front of him. Takes up a lot of space in the zone.

Special Teams – was on the punt block team. Also laid out some nice blocks in the open field during returns.

Offense – Unlike on Defense, Hugh did not play every series when he was healthy. Played tight end, and blocked well – although he usually had a decided size advantage. Strong run blocker. I missed the first few minutes of the game, but during the last 3-plus quarters, no balls were thrown his way. This team doesn’t pass enough to be able to judge his pass blocking ability.

Miscellaneous thoughts – I think this kid is a defender. He might be a bit