Q&A With DeMario Pressley

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DeMario Pressley is one of the top players in the country. He reminds many of Warren Sapp [at least on the high school level] in the way he plays the defensive tackle. Pressley has the quickness, athleticism, strength, and size to be a star on the next level. He has received over 25 official scholarship offers.

As a junior, Pressley made 97 tackles including 14 quarterback sacks.

Edge: What would you say separates you from the rest of the defensive tackle prospects in the country?

DP: Some of them may be fast but not quick, or quick but not fast. I have all of the qualities. I’m quick, fast, flexible, agile, and I use my hands really well.

Edge: As a defensive tackle, using your hands well is very important. When did you learn to do that?

DP: I learned it from my coach, coach Marvin Lamberth, pretty much as soon as I got there.

Edge: Have you been a four year starter?

DP: No…actually I played JV as a freshman. Coach [Victor] Floyd said that was a waste. He wasn’t there at the time.

Edge: What do you like most about being a high-profile recruit?

DP: Everything really. The attention, the scholarship offers…everything.

Edge: What do you like least about being a high-profile recruit?

DP: Nothing is bad about it to me. There is no downside.

Edge: Which team or teams did you follow while growing up?

DP: The local schools really…UNC, Wake Forest, and NC State.

Edge: Who is your favorite player, in either college or Pro?

DP: Well, I used to play end and then I moved to tackle. So my favorite person is an end…Jevon Kearse, the freak. I like the way he uses his hands and he’s very quick. I don’t know…he’s just the freak! (laugh)

Edge: Do you think you may play some end in college as well?

DP: It doesn’t matter to me. It’ll be up to the coach wherever I go.

Edge: Do you have any favorite schools right now?

DP: Not really. I’m actually pretty wide open right now. I haven’t finalized any official visits or anything yet.

Edge: When do you want to narrow things down?

DP: I’ll make that decision with my parents and coach. It’ll probably be sometime in September when I narrow my schools down.

Edge: What will be the deciding factors in your final decision?