Cam Goode Still Not Ready for the Big Reveal

Cam Goode and his mother, on a trip to Virginia Tech (photo via Twitter)

Two of Virginia Tech’s 24 class of 2018 commitments haven’t publicly signed with the Hokies as of  Wednesday, December 20. Four-star athlete James Graham is still weighing his decision between Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech. Meanwhile, St. John’s (DC) three-star defensive tackle Cam Goode is also still contemplating his choice. Or somewhat.

Goode,’s No. 55 defensive tackle and No. 7 player in Washington, DC, has been as pro-Hokie as anyone since he gave them his commitment in June. He’s actively recruited other recruits to join him, but he’s not ready to make his destination official.

“Everything’s all good,” Goode said Wednesday afternoon. “I signed my letter of intent. I’m announcing where I’m going February 2. Then, everybody will find out.”

Goode (6-0, 317) said he’s not ready to reveal where he sent that letter of intent and has asked that school to also keep it secret until he announces. He said Wisconsin, West Virginia and Texas Tech have each offered over the past few weeks.

Despite his non-committal approach, Goode said he still is on good terms with the Hokies.

“I love Virginia Tech,” he said. “That’s a special place. I wasn’t looking around, (other schools) just came in the picture and offered me. I haven’t been anywhere else. I’m not taking any officials right now. I still haven’t taken my official visit to Virginia Tech.”

For now, Goode said he plans to officially visit the Hokies Jan. 19. He said he has two others loosely set, but didn’t reveal where.

And while he wouldn’t divulge specifics, Goode said his relationship with Virginia Tech has changed somewhat. That’s played a part in Goode’s current state.

“I had some problems in the recruiting process with Virginia Tech,” he said. “I still love ‘em and they love me. We had a bumpy road, but we’re still good.”

Goode will play in the Under Armour All-American game Jan. 4 in Orlando, Florida.

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  1. Dude,
    You are a THREE STAR….. The drama and attention the 5 stars strive for is super annoying but a 3star shouldn’t be doing the same. Get in or let’s find another 3 star to offer a schollie to – they’re pretty common.

  2. He sounds like a guy who can’t make a decision on his own. Maybe someone else might be in his ear, scheming. Wouldn’t be the first time that something like that was the reason for a recruit’s indecision.

  3. If he wants special rules for his recruitment and commitment and LOI as he says – then he will want special rules w regard to rules of the team, school, and in the locker room. No thanks.

  4. C’mon Hokies – read – he signed it (but did not send it) – he will take some official visits starting 1/19 and announce 2/2.

    The bumpy road was either grades or perhaps a non-commitable offer or contingent offer…its not for us to know unless he wants to share…

    We want Cam Goode in Maroon and Orange!
    Come on down Cam!

    1. A later paragraph in the article says “Goode (6-0, 317) said he’s not ready to reveal where he sent [past tense] that letter of intent.” It sounds to me like there is school that actually has the letter in hand already.

  5. “Bumpy road”….i’m pretty sure he’s signed with VT already,just trying to create a stir,IMO.A little drama.

  6. REALLY WANT GOODE& hope he brings Noah Boykin with him,if for some unforeseen reason Goode doesn’t make it,Oscar Smith’s Kyle Thomas was a beast at DT this year& had 22sacks.

  7. I’ve noticed that in all 3 LOI days under Fuente we have these weird last minute decommits (or whatever this is?!)
    Graham was expected but Goode wasn’t and he plays a position of need.

    Frustrating in an otherwise great day

  8. What kind of game is he playing? If he has truly already made up his mind and submitted a letter of intent, he should announce his decision. His delay impacts other people and schools….something he should think about if he wants to be a true team player.

  9. Very weird- maybe his grades this fall have not measured up and schools do not like to air that in public. So, is this all Goode’s call or possibly VT’s?

  10. Either Goode is committed to VT or not. It seems like he’s playing games and he doesn’t realize he’s not the controller of this game, Coach Fu is!!!

    Why would Graham want to go to GT, just for more carries? They’ll never be a football power with johnson as the hc.

    Remember everyone, we now have 2 recruiting cycles. So let’s everyone just be patient! We have a good recruiting class that could get even better!

    Go Hokies!!!

    1. Since when does a coach determine where a recruit is going? Goode may or may not be fully committed..and as of right now I think he’s NOT..but Fuente can control him NOT coming to VT, but he has no control over his COMING to VT..Only Goode has that “power”

          1. He says “he’s not ready to reveal where he sent that letter of intent and has asked the school to also keep it a secret until he announces.” Sounds like he just wants to get his day of attention. The school knows so it doesn’t affect that school’s recruiting strategy. Let him have his day.

  11. There’s only one way coach Fuente would play along with this game: he committed to VT. Otherwise expect coach Fu to cut this kid loose, and quick.

    1. I would hope that was the case. I know how badly we need DL, but I don’t much like this being strung along. Whatever Coach Fuente wants to do about it, I’m on board

      1. Pretty loud and clear from Fuente, whether he was drawing the line for everyone or had this case in mind, I dunno but pretty darn sure Fuente’s got work to do elsewhere and won’t be waiting too long to go to the next plan.

        This may be completely unfair but with the complete exception of Sean Savoy, those DC kids seem to have issues.

    2. Either way, this seems a pretty silly way to indicate interest in a school. I don’t think CJF would be interested in shenanigans even if he signed an LOI. For whatever the reason.

  12. Just let him go down with PJ and spend years in that defense never seeing the field because of the goofy offense they run.

    1. I think you are referring to Goode? The GT mention above referred to Graham- he wants to play QB, and possibly was offered to play QB at GT.

      I think DT Goode has anything to do with GT.

  13. He signed and submitted a letter of intent, and schools who know they didn’t get it will host him for an official visit?

    1. Yeah, exactly what I was thinking. If what he said is true, every school knows their status. Just not the public.

  14. Why the secret mystery of the choice? “I had some problems in the recruiting process with Virginia Tech,”

  15. He can move on, we don’t need to be part of his charade. I’m sure that was the bumpy part of the road he was referring to as he likely got called on it.

      1. If that was directed at me HokieDelNorte then you are in some need of direction. One commit will not make or break this program, Fuente as he has shown last year, doesn’t play those games, you either want to be a part of what he’s building or you move on. If this kid is playing games he can move on in my opinion. Someone else will fill this spot and it will all work out.

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