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Makes sense...

It will be difficult for the Vanderbilts, Wakes, Dukes, Northwesterns and Baylors of the P5 to turn away. When I see those small private schools competing with the big boys, I can't help but to think how fortunate and lucky they are to be in their current positions.

Looking to the past, W&M and W&L were powerhouses in the 50s and could very well be exactly where Wake or Vandy are today had they played their cards right. Sewanee and Tulane could be P5 too with their SEC past memberships.

On the flip side, Tech could very easily be in Southern Miss, Cincinnati, Memphis or ECU's shoes had we not gotten into the BEFC. TCU, Louisville and Utah were able to take advantage of conference realignment to establish their P5 presence. One could say those 3 are as lucky as Vandy or Northwestern in a different way as they were oppotunstic and successfully so.

If I were a KSU or ISU fan, I'd be concerned. Even WVU as successful as they are might have to be concerned due to the snobery of their closest neighboring P5 conferences. But I think WVU becomes a hot commodity in the next wave of expansion and the snobs will realize their importance in the equation. G5s like UConn, Cincinnati, Memphis, ECU, BYU, Boise St, SDSU, Houston and UCF all need to worry.

If the 5 Power conferences pares down to 4 conference and 64 teams; and they all refuse to add any other G5s, then I think they shoukd create one more 16 to 20- team National conference to include many of those deserving G5 teams. The "establishment" P5 could endorse a "Big East" type rule that excludes these teams in some or most years which may be unfair, but at least give them a seat at the table

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