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The Big East was a disfunctional conference.

It had a core group of small private basketball schools that pushed back hard against football. The schools who were in the conference for football & basketball, "went along to get along." They didn't want to rock the boat.

There was a vote to consider the four football-only members for basketball too, but they decided to take two, leaving VT and Temple on the outside looking in. Temple was eventually booted out of the conference, leaving VT as the only school that was not playing BB in the conference. The small private basketball-only schools decided to finally let VT play basketball, but with the highest "buy in" fee every recorded in the history of college sports. (Not an exaggeration)

Eventually the dominos fell into place, and we were able to get into the ACC through the side door. Who cares, we finally made it. Several years later, those tiny private BB-only Big East schools finally packed up and left the Big East. Actually they took the name when they left, and the rest of the schools has to come up with a new name.

Hokie fans know the ACC has considered VT for membership several times over the years, but was always shot down. UNC has hated our guts since we hired Bill Dooley, and since the NC Mafia ran the ACC for decades, we didn't have a snowflake's chance in heck to get an invitation. (Still amazed we finally made it in...never thought I would see that in my

We're now in our natural conference, and hopefully the ACC will remain a "power conference" for the next 1,000+ years.

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