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The answer to your question is All the Above.

1.) Virginia Tech fans don't care about basketball until football season is over. That's a little bit of an exaggeration, but not much. And when basketball season is over, they quit caring again until the new year.

So there's a 3-month window where VT fans pay attention to basketball, and that's it. Football is year-round, but with the reduced access to the football program under Fuente (Frank ran a VERY open program; what Fuente does is more the norm), the offseason attention to football is starting to tail off, as well. No access = no interest.

2.) The TSL Football board page views outrank the Basketball board page views 5.5 to 2.2.

3.) The overall message board ratio/rankings in terms of page views are:
Football: 5.8
Subscribers: 4.3
Recruiting: 2.25
Basketball: 2.20
Lounge: 2.06

4.) In the last year, the message boards, account pages, etc. fill up the top 30 accessed pages on the site. Then the articles start ... and it's all football-related, until you get to page #93, my column about VT receiving an NCAA invitation, titled "A Mobius Strip of a Day." (8,400 reads)

The next basketball article I see is #99 overall, "Virginia Tech blows out #5 Duke," which was read just over 8,000 times.

#109 and #110 are the game recaps for VT's 2-OT win over Virginia, and Ty Outlaw's record-setting 8 three-pointers against Miami.

#114 is TTL after VT made the NCAA Tournament.

Then the next basketball article is #141.

So it's a lot of football-related stuff, but some of that is self-fulfilling, because if all you run is football stuff, than that's all that's going to rank.

5.) I have done several "Looking Back With" in-depth interviews. The football-related ones, like Sean Glennon, will get about 5,000 reads. The one I did with Bimbo Coles registered just 2,500 reads. (This, plus the message board traffic, is probably a truer indicator of the level of basketball interest vs. football interest among VT fans.)

That'll give you some idea of the lay of the land.

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Posted: 09/12/2017 at 10:41AM


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