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Academics are overplayed in many instances...

Louisville is a good example. Although I still contend that UL's academics aren't bad when you consider there are more than 2,600 colleges and universities in the United States, too many conference realignment enthusiasts are quick to discard them as a lesser valued academic institution. The fact is, UL is still within the top 7% of U.S. Universities academically. So are VCU, JMU, Cincinnati, ECU and others like them. All good schools that can land you a good job when you graduate.

The problem IMO is that too many folks rely on highly publicized college rankings. I'm of the opinion that some schools will never move up significantly in those rankings because the matrices weigh too many other things besides academics. And, some schools work those publicized rankings to their advantage by doctoring class room sizes, creating unique niche programs that are not common to all other universities, gaming college entrance requirements, etc. Sometimes it's as simple as good PR too. And some schools are gifted with good climates, location near/within desired towns or historical relevance.

Some people get bent out of shape when they see a particular school ranking and compare it with their alma mater. UL, WVU, Texas Tech, Oklahoma St, WSU and some other PAC and SEC schools are typically between the top 5 and 7% of U.S. Universities. They're all P5 worthy because their academics aren't anything to laugh at, but mainly because they invest tons of money to ATHLETIC programs. A few G5s fit the bill too.

The fact that some think WVU has no place in the ACC are hypocritical, prejudiced and/or simply following the bandwagon. As long as football drives the bus, WVU will always add value to a P5 conference.

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Posted: 09/06/2017 at 8:28PM


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