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both + and - on your points. the thing i remember Buzz doing/saying (long

) is that he has studied coaching contracts and negotiates his own contracts. he has his strategy and i imagine it takes into account his family's well-being, any recruiting effects, etc., etc. all the points mentioned above and below (this post). from that i take that he wants to control his coaching and future destinies. he's setting himself up to stay three to four moves ahead of any vocational decision he encounters. he wants to be in control for the best of his family/himself. call him a control freak, but i call that wise and smart beyond his years.
i see him as a man/husband/father/coach who enjoys the life experiences, gifts and talents God has blessed him with as: grace. look at his past and how many things have been aligned allowing him to arise from a junior college manager to a power5, well-renowned coach in a very short span! he's receiving more than sufficient (not compared to other coaches) compensation for something he is passionate about. he would be glad to have more money, but i doubt it is the thing that drives his heart. the comparative salary thing is another game way below his goals and standards; he seems to operate on a higher more interpersonal plane; he's quite aware of the going rate for power5 coaches, but it seems to be as minimal of a factor as it can be in 2017 economic matrix.

btw, nothing stops "us" from becoming close to Buzz except ourselves. at all universities, colleges, highs schools, etc. every coach is eventually going to move on - change schools, retire, whatever. which one of us spurns a potential or new friendship because the time we will be around them is a limited? i am puzzled by that philosophy. shouldn't we make friends regardless of any time allocation? Buzz is a person, who because he is so driven and has his priorities established in order, he has short minutes for other things. if we want to be his friends we need to be moving at his speed in the same trajectory as his. to be a close friend to anyone someone would reasons to be, similar likes, and amenable schedules. just because he isn't the most open person with the media, which is different from limelight loving NBA/NCAA coaches, doesn't make it wrong or bad. i'd, again, call him wise: (consider how today's media is constantly looking for a story or person to crucify to make headlines and sell newspapers) he's been burnt and seen others burnt as well. he just wants to coach now; not be the social media icon; his last name is not Kardashion.

me: i'm just enjoying our VT basketball again; and i'm thankful Buzz is here now, coaching, and doing it his way.

readers: thanks for enduring. you my now commence throwing tomatoes.

Go Hokies!

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Posted: 06/10/2017 at 2:58PM


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