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What is used in MMA today is a blend

When UFC started, it was meant to be a gathering of different fighting a match would be between a TKD artist and a Savat artist, or between a Muay Thai artist and a Sambo artist. Or whatever.

But what happened once the Gracie's started competing is they won everything. And that is when people realized that given the rules of engagement in the octagon, BJJ is the dominant art for getting a win by submission.

Over the last 20 years, that has evolved to mean that an MMA artist trains in the following:

Hand Strikes: boxing
Long-Distance Kicks: karate / tae kwon do
Close Quarters (elbows, knees, shin kicks): Muay Thai
Throws/Grabs: judo, with maybe a sprinkling of aikido
Grappling/Submission: BJJ

In a one-on-one, weaponless fight to knockout or submission, that blend of arts gives you the best possible toolbox to succeed in that situation.

But as my instructor always said, its not the art that is effective, it is the artist.

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Posted: 03/20/2017 at 6:23PM


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