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Stranger Things fans:... finally finished the final ep' and I gotta SPOILs

and I gotta say, it did NOT disappoint!

Though I will also say, methinks the penultimate and
prolly even sagged; just a scosche.

They went from: "totally awesome" to merely, great.

Though the final trinary match-up vs. the creature was rad!

Jr.High kids, High School kids, and adults.
All fighting to free the kid on three different levels of
attributes, Piaget, physicality, equipment, et al. That
was simply brilliant.

This is about as enthusiastic and as riveted as I've
been watching any series or movie since Galactica
was fighting to get the new contract on their first eight episodes.

And be clear, here... nobody likes cheering for the
villain, or the bad-guy or the anti-hero any more than
me... though still yet...

How much of a hatter do you gotta be to NOT cheer
for the kids with a S.Weaver gone mega-Newt looking
little girl as "the tip of the spear" fighting to get their little buddy back?

This series is like Stand By Me soaking wet in "do the
right thing" P.E.D. flavored Ego's.

So much of the series being shot at night and during
the fall really upped the ante here. And the casting of
the kids was A+++. The kids always on foot or maybe
on bikes and basically under-speed was very sympathetic.

As the genera of Web Series does some very smart
compact work(s) of late. Man in the high Castle is good, although I dunno how Stranger Things can even
get close to topping itself (season no.1)?!?

I mean where is there to go from the monster pinnacle?
Even with the kid spitting up the slug embryo thingy...

There is plenty of 80's material to tributize and so forth... and yet, it is gonna very difficult to beat season no.1.

Though -God willing- I will be watching.
Positively glued. As in, super.



Posted: 03/20/2017 at 3:33PM


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