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Re: How long can you go with a 7 girl team.

Disappointing the team could not end the streak and win on senior night. I do think they will get a W at BC and hopefully can get 1 or 2 at the ACC Tournament.

The responses and excuses are beyond unbelievable and I am surprised you can get yourself to say such things after a very disappointing ACC season. We get it he has a short bench. That didn't stop the team when they were winning. Very hard to for a team that started the year with 15 wins to lose 12 out of 13 and set a new record of futility and you absolve the new coach of any blame. The coach is paid alot of money to find ways to improve the team and win games. When you face adversity such as a losing streak it is as much on the coach to right the ship as it the players.

Further he was hired during the recruiting season hence why he signed 5 new players to join the team this year. He signed 5 new players this offseason so how could you say he didn't have time to recruit? That makes no sense and is simply not true.

Once more to insinuate that one of the freshman guards was 'too good' not to redshirt when the only D1 offer they had was to play at her father's school at the lowest level of D1 I would have to object to that statement. Statistics are statistics and if you are shooting 28% from the field and have 15 assists in almost 600 minutes played as a guard those are not good. Simple as that, not good. She may be a fine player in time and hopefully she is but please don't start a narrative that she is 'too good' , if she was her numbers and play would be better. It is unfair to her, let her be.

Finally everyone speaks to next year the team being better. The team is losing 3 starters all who significantly contribute to this years team. As you have all stated many a times there is no bench at all so all those players must not be good enough (again those are KB recruits but I am sure that is Wolffs fault). If this years team is not good enough and you are losing 3 players who play 30+ minutes, no one from the bench looks good enough to help we are now relying on Camp, two transfers (one who avg 1pt a game at GT so that doesn't look promising) and a couple freshman.

I can imagine the responses that I will get from this will not be good and I have no interest in getting into a back and forth as I am sure know one does with me. But you cannot just throw out ridiculous statements that are made up and not be called upon.

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Posted: 02/24/2017 at 09:00AM


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