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I think most of us are about to be very happy.

I have posted info from a friend of mine on one other occasion. When things were shaking out with the coaching search I shared what he told me and it turned out to be right on the money. What I am about to share is not from me but a friend of mine with WVU. If he's wrong, he's wrong but he is not trying to be manipulative or sensationalistic.

The ACC is about to announce a network through ESPN. It will be a dedicated channel similar to the SEC network though no more details on that. Should be announced in the next 8 weeks. ND is in play to join the ACC for football and much closer than many imagine. Again, not my thoughts but from a reliable place. We shall see.

The ACC is in no danger of being raided by the B1G or Big 12. Tim Brando got wind of it last night but was wrong about ND and the B1G, Swofford shut him up pretty quickly with details of ND's contract with the ACC to join only the ACC if they fully join a conference.

A couple weeks ago I had a moment of weakness where I doubted the ACC and thought that ESPN was going to leave us out in the cold. I was wrong, I apologize.

The demographics for the ACC are stellar and getting better over time as population shifts but stays east. ESPN knows this, the B1G knows this and so does everyone else involved at a high level. The ACC has the best content available for a network due to our strong olympic sports and the best locations in which to broadcast. No other conference comes close to our depth across the board in sports like soccer, baseball, swimming and diving, tennis etc. Pac 12 is close but not really our competition. These will make the network much more than replays of football games and talk radio shows. I don't know what took them so long (unless they were negotiating with ND) but it should be a great channel. I know I am looking forward to following our other sports much more closely.

Again, not my thoughts but I wanted to share what I heard with you guys.

Posted: 05/04/2016 at 09:42AM


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