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Tremendous Start/Job by Wolff

13-1 best start for Women's Program since 1998-1999
2nd best start in VT Women's Basketball History
#2 ranked Defense Nationally
Top 25 ranking tomorrow morning after thrashing of 12-1 BC
Held #8 Tennessee to lowest scoring amount in HISTORY of program
THREE TOP 10 victories in Coach Wolffs TENURE which is more then the combined total in the History of the Program
Just a Reminder to all the older fans....Bonnie never coached 1 game in the ACC..not 1 and the old Big East is nothing compared to today's ACC

Most Important Fact
Senior Class is Coach Wolff 1st Recruiting Class
let me repeat that
Senior Class is Coach Wolff 1st Recruiting Class

Wolff inherited the worst BCS program in the country 5 years ago. The WORST and that cannot be argued. Forget the pathetic play on the court but the off court/on court antics by the players in the program were extremely embarrassing to VT and its entire community. Also those who are going to respond with the ACC record over the past 4 years please look up both Coach Katie Meier at Miami and Coach Sue Semrau at FSU beginning years at their respective years. It took both of them more then 5 years to get their programs on track after consistent last place finishes.

In 5 years Wolff has completely transformed the CULTURE of the program. Anyone with any connection to the program would 100% agree that every young lady in the program is very enjoyable to be around and a great representive of Virginia Tech.

On the court his recruiting has improved every single season with last year's class resulting in a consensus TOP 15 class. Chanette Hicks is clearly one of the best freshman in the country nevermind the ACC and Koshuta and Gilmer are very talented players who finally have older mature competition in front of them which has delayed their on the court experience.

AGAIN Taijah Campbell and Hannah Young are Coach Wolffs first recruiting class. He has completely transformed the roster both with talent and character. Vanessa Panousis, Regan Magarity, Dom Powell, Sidney Cook, Rachel Camp along with other already mentioned are true ACC caliber players. That is about 8 more then he had when he inherited a roster with zero ACC caliber players.

Regardless of yesterday win by the men's team it is very evident that the Buzz project is going to take at least 5 years. Now Whit has no choice but to give Buzz that amount of time since he was bulldozed by Buzz in giving him the WORST contract in CBB. The suck up social media blitz by both Buzz overshadows what a joke of a contract Buzz has. He is overpaid and can never be fired due to the automatic rollover each year. That being said it will be at least 4-5 years for Buzz to be a legitimate player in the ACC. Buzz has never been considered a strong X&O coach so it will take a number of years to gather the talent necessary to compete because that is the only way he can win, he is not out coaching anyone in the ACC except for Goffreid.

Obviously there has been a tremendous turnover with the VT administration at all levels. We can only hope that the surviving members of the VT community who had to endure the Beth regime and has seen what Coach Wolff has had to endure to recharge this program can emphasize this drastic difference to the new regime. The best players in the program are underclassman and the depth in the program is finally where it needs to be to compete in the ACC for the forseeable future.

Ultimately Coach Wolff controls his own destiny and has the team performing at such a high level that he is relishing in the challenge. The future of the program is as bright as it has ever been with the young talent in the program and the performance this season. 5 more wins and the VT program will be back in the NCAA Tournament.

Also it is wonderful to see the extremely negative and bias posters such as estihokie and others are no where to be found. We all know we will see them as soon as the girls have their 1st ACC loss but it is nice to see they have nothing negative to complain about. Hopefully we never have to hear from their tiny brains again.

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