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It's hilarious that you are both so condescending AND so wrong at the same

time. You complained about hypotheticals and then just admitted that your whole point hinges on one (your hypothetical ranking of where the class would have ended up with Fuente). You claimed that "anyone who knows anything about recruiting" thinks the current class is a disaster. When I cited someone who literally recruits for a living who thinks the class is good your response is "it's subjective". So in other words your statement about "anyone who knows anything" was complete BS. I cited facts. You cite opinions and what you think will happen. Then you have the gall to tell me I don't know what I'm talking about. It would be funny if it just wasn't so damn pathetic. You can continue to try to insult me all you want. It doesn't change the fact that Fuente had the 26th ranked or higher classes and Top 5 in the ACC in 4 of his 6 years. It doesn't change the fact that the current class was ranked 20th when Fuente was fired. It just shows that you have nothing better to pin your argument on. Insults and conjecture that's the crux of your argument.
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