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One thing that I wish we'd really work on is attacking the press

much more aggressively. I've always believed that if a team is going to press you and try and trap you, you have to make them pay for doing that. The way to do that is to REALLY aggressively attack the basket at the instant the press is broken.

At the moment where a press is broken and the ball has been successfully advanced into the frontcourt, the team with the ball almost always has a 3-on-2 advantage for a split second before the other team can recover. If those three guys all converge on the basket quickly before the pressing defenders can get back into position, a high percentage shot can usually be taken.

Instead, we (and almost every other team I've ever seen), tend to hold up for a second and let the other team get back into its defense before starting our offense. This has never made any sense to me.

One of the things I remember about the 1980 Louisville national championship team was that if you were foolish enough to press them and they beat it, they'd light you up on the other end. As a result, they didn't get pressed very much.
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