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I'm envious that an engineering, architecture, project planning centric

institution has no visible overall athletics master plan tied to fundraising where its alumni, fans, friends of VT, recruits, future students can go view and see what Reach For Excellence will look like. Every project you cited is an individual project piecemealed with no driving vision in the overall athletic complex behind it other than they did need updating to meet P5 standards. What's the big secret? I HATE uva, but you can't deny their plan, timeline, fundraising integration, and marketing is excellent. And we don't gave anything that looks like it or to show what $400M is going towards. Nothing that COMPELS someone to donate. I do hope you can look through those trees and see the forest. Truly look at the efficiencies and upgrades they're creating, which we could do the same with some thought and not just adding onto 40 year old buildings. I guess my expectations and pride for VT are just higher than others. You didn't mention Olympic/nonrev sports, sports science, and Leadership/Career Development which is all addressed in their plan. What are we doing or planning in those areas and where is it marketed, located, visible? I also showed Pitt's Victory Heights campaign today, but I don't aspire for a degree from there either. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Somebody has to do it as it took a dalliance with Baylor to open our eyes to shortfalls. All we had to do was Google or go to Charlottesville.

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Link: Pitt Victory Heights Campaign

Posted: 10/29/2021 at 8:10PM


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