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Well the beauty is they are elected officials, so it's very easy to remove

them. Gotta question why folks elected them to begin with.
Now in our area, we have folks having cows with the school boards over critical race and certain books in the school. The up in armers are trying all these recalls. Which is idiotic as the school board has been doing their job. There are just some folks who suddenly disagree with their decisions. The issue, in my opinion, is the up in armers just never paid attention before. Disagreeing on their work is not a recall item. You vote them out. You spend the time to come up with your own candidates that reflect your views and you get them on the ballot. If the majority of folks agree with you, they will get elected. But if not, folks shouldn't have a cow because the people spoke. That's what I see going on here.

My final question is, why would this instance even be a school board issue? Why isn't it the school administration's (principal) or more correctly the police duty? Do we not arrest and put rapists in jail? Why are people not marching down at police headquarters calling for the police chief's resignation? That's who I'd be up in arms about. Not the school board, over a student discipline issue.

But I'm not much of a political person. I just don't think that way.
While others, that's how they view everything.

(In response to this post by vt90)

Posted: 10/26/2021 at 11:50AM


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