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I’m in the minority here as I just did same. Refi mortgage at 2-3% and i

Invested substantial proceeds. Historically stocks return 8-10% and yep, may be a downturn, even a big one, but history says you are gonna come out ahead. Mortgage interest is deductible…. Gains on your investments are capital. Not any different than buying on margin except you are using your money and you are in control! Even if you buy a 4% dividend stock you end up slightly ahead.
I did a 10 yr refi where old mortgage was halfway through 15 yrs. Have lower payment and substantial cash to invest with not much longer term and front end loaded deductibility of interest while I need it most.
I have portfolio such that if stocks tank I have resources to pay my expenses without selling in downturn.
Slam dunk…. jMHO

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