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Alert!!! I am not against blowing up the Fuente staff and replacing Fuente

However, I would not want to hit that enticing reset button, and sit back and watch the Mushroom cloud that once was Hokie football, unless we have exhausted absolutely all reasonable possibilities.

So lets see if we have done that......
Q1 - Just how far off are we from being at a level that would make Hokie Fans Proud?
Well, some would argue really far? Are we, Being less than 10 points from 6-1?
Q2 - Where are we currently trending? Guys we have to throw out the Covid year. No program should be measured by results from last year. That being said, The current team is progressing offensively, and I really don't think anyone is ready to give up on JHam. Let's see how the season plays out, as I have previously stated, If the offense continues to progress week to week, and JHam makes some improvements defensively, Technically we could still be at 9-4 for the season, which i think would make ALOT of hokie fans feel pretty good about our direction. I don't think giving up on this staff and team in mid season, is very Hokie-Like, and I don't think it is wise, as it prevents this team from performing at it's best right now.
Q3 - Have we exhausted all reasonable possibilities. Let's say the rest of the season plays out, and the team stops progressing, and we end up with a poor record. Have we tried replacing the
portions of the staff that are not progressing? That would be alot cheaper and easier than thowing out an entire staff right? It worked for Beamer and put us on the map as a football program. Why not try that first!!
Q4 - Is the current staff struggling with the same limitations that the next staff will have to struggle with? Are we sure our problems are directly assocated with the current staff? Will a new staff be able to do any better? If not, what then? Why not try making improvements to this staff first, before we roll the dice?

However keep this in mind, Assuming the team struggles for the remainder of the season, if Fuente wants to stick around and have an opportunity to make staff replacements, then he needs to do the honorable thing and accept a 40% paycut.

His willingness to accept this paycut would help the VT program financially, would show that Fuente is taking ownership over the program's struggles, and is doing everything he can to help make VT football great once again. This savings could then be applied to the hiring of a high quality offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach and any other staffing hires needed.

I'm still leaning on making adjustments currently, but I am also keeping in mind how close the team has been to 6-1 and the fact that the offense looks like it is improving as the season goes. If JHam can improve the defense, I really believe this team still has a chance to be pretty good.

Cheers and Go Hokies!!

Posted: 10/24/2021 at 11:02AM


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