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If you can no longer offer unconditional love because the program has been

run into the ground, doesn't that sort of suggest your love wasn't unconditional in the first place? Sort of suggests your love was conditional on the program being good or managed a particular way. Nothing wrong with that -- it's a free country -- but I wouldn't use the term "unconditional love" when it is clearly conditional.

You also seem to suggest that support for the program requires "faith" of some kind. Do you assume that people cheer for the team only because they believe the program will improve? Again, you seem to be applying a conditional model -- one in which people who continue to support the program are doing so based upon a belief or expectation that the program will be better. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding your perspective.

However, it's just really interesting to me. I don't support VT football because they are good or because I expect they'll be good in the near future. I support VT football because I enjoy watching football, have an affinity for my alma mater, and want to support people associated with VT.

Similarly, I'm having coffee later this week with the head of football operations at Vanderbilt. She's a former student of mine and she wants to catch up. I'll support Vanderbilt football even though they have little to no chance of success -- because I teach at Vanderbilt, love the school, and want to support the players and staff members I've taught.

There are many mindsets and motivations that operate for fans. None are right or wrong -- just different. Yours seems to be to support programs that are successful. That's cool.

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