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Offense is scoring 14 a game the last 3 weeks with excellent field position

I don't think an extra 10 yards give or take deep on our side of the field makes much of a difference. We already can't score starting in the opponents half, see the first quarter of Pitt for a prime example. Going from our own 30 to our own 15 makes literally no difference because we go 3 and out regardless of where we start.

What does make a difference is returning it into field goal range, we can't get first downs so we have to start with the ball in scoring position already. That's why we're taking chances and why I don't really care if Robinson let's a ball go when he's deep in our half. He never does that around midfield.

If the idea is instead we need the yards to help out our defense I might buy it, but that level of 4D chess saying to save field position because you know the offense can't move the ball so our best chance of winning is a punter battle is a huge indictment of our coaches. They've given no indication that our strategy is a power run, ball control, field position focused offense with quotes like "this is the best I've felt about our passing offense" or stats like "we avg 3 yards per carry.

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