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Listen Friend, this is a message board to air out topics

and is enjoyed by most, if not all.

You have much to say about lots of things (15,000 posts in 6 years), and that is fine. It is fine being tied to the current HC - no issue with that, we just disagree.

You have been given lots of options and ideas, you just don't like them or accept them. You aren't the AD and neither am I - again this is a message board, we are all bloviating and voicing opinions.

You say there isn't an option ( I find that preposterous); that the fans are impatient (6 years is tough to sell as "impatient", but God love ya); and that it's a money issue (we may have some common ground here).

What you do not mention or leave out (not necessarily intentionally) is that this Football program MUST carry the overwhelming financial burden of this entire athletic department. It will be painful and costly to fire this staff. But, one can also give you a scenario where loss of revenue staying on this path is greater than the $7.5mm to fire him.

I'm not going to pick a fight with you to show you some simple math that makes this much more doable, the current topic is whether this HC and this staff is the right one to lead the program. I think they are not and have felt that way for at least two years. Take no joy in that, it is no picnic doing what Whit is faced with (and I have in my own business). Lives altered; cost; re-starting; morale; tangential impacts and costs. No argument here this is painful - done it, and hate it.

All I am saying is that for an unbiased analysis of the key factors in evaluating a program and a head coach, laid out in a ppt deck or similar forum - you will not get me to agree that this program is progressing, and that this staff has turned a corner and improving. Sorry. We will just have to disagree. And to say that there is not an "emotional" tie to him (feelings outweigh facts) we will also just have to disagree.

This isn't working and hasn't been for some time.


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