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Some of it has become so politically sensitive that it's beyond saving.

There is a HUGE push now to make discipline "equitable". We see this in policing as well. The numbers are watched closely if a student is of a certain sunset, and that subset has a higher suspension rate....then we will bend over backwards to not suspend that student so as not to look inequitable. The most important thing now is.... Well, I won't go there so as not to violate TOS.
We are also understaffed. Especially in our special Ed department. I have 2 kids in my class that require 1 to 1 support. I also have a new one that is so low she can't write her name, much less keep up with any work so she needs constant support and I have 2 others with IEPs that need some level of classroom support. I have 1 aide. That aide has to handle all of those students. One is severely autistic and is constantly running around the room messing with things (shoving things in my electric pencil sharpener or laminator, moving things around, he will eat anyone's snack that he finds, he took a bite out of someone's chapstick the other day, will drink from everyone's water bottle..), and the other autistic child is a screamer. So that's what it's like in my classroom. I have some kids that spend a large part of the day holding their ears. I can't teach. It's friking insane. Our special Ed teacher has asked for more support but the higher ups said that technically my class has the coverage it needs, besides, nobody is applying.
This is just in my class. Other teachers have the same problems.
Montgomery county is a popular destination for parents with special needs students ever since the documentary Educating Peter came out years ago. So we get a lot of severe disabilities and behavior issues.
Add on top of this, the whole plotical tilt that has now been pushed in everything we do, it's just miserable and everyone is making sure they don't do anything that might upset anyone.
I don't know why our county is pushing such detailed lesson plans.... And I think it's mainly a push at the elementary level. We have started a new Language Arts program and clearly we are "all in" on it. The kids and teachers HATE it. Students now hate it when we have to do reading. It's so sad. But clearly we have spent millions of dollars on this program and come hell or high water we are going to do it and that all we are allowed to do. It's scripted word for word (which is not kid friendly) and yet we have to write pages and pages of plans for every little thing we do including statistical data on what we are measuring.
I'm not doing it. I might get fired, but I'm fed up. I'm going to teach my kids the way I always have. I know I'm going to get a bad review and probably get reprimanded, but at this point I don't care anymore.

And the sad part, to answer your question, I don't see it getting any better.

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Posted: 10/16/2021 at 10:04AM


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