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So here's the outcome of my BIL dying last month

Some of you may recall I posted that my BIL suddenly dropped dead a few weeks ago. It appears he suffered a massive hemorrhage resulting from hitting his head during a fall. He died rather quickly.

Both he and my SIL were retired. But their relationship was amazingly one-sided, financially - everything was in his name. So here's what we've been dealing with since his death.

- He had no life insurance. Surprise!

- He left no will. In MD, that means the first $40K of his estate goes to his wife, and the remaining amount is split between his wife and his surviving children, of which he has two.

- He left no survivor benefits on his pension.

- He did leave a 401k and a substantial stock portfolio, which are considered part of the estate.

- He did not have my SIL's name on any of his accounts. That means they too become part of his estate.

- They had just refinanced their house 2 years earlier with a 30 year mortgage. They owe over $240k on it, and, you guessed it, her name is not on the mortgage.

So in other words, he essentially planned on outliving his wife so he didn't need to provide for her after he died. Hard to think of this as anything but a parting 'eff you.' He could have taken out a life insurance policy to pay off the mortgage. All of his estate could have gone to his wife, had he only taken the time to write a will.

She now has to pay off the cost of the funeral and other expenses from the estate, and will eventually receive whatever she is entitled to by state law. And figure out how to financially manage the mess her husband left for her.

The moral of the story? Make a will, buy life insurance, and never assume who will die first.

Posted: 06/11/2021 at 2:45PM


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