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Likes: 121 I deleted cookies, no success, clicked hide this

no success.
- Couldn't find a "show this" on this reply so went to create a new post for an entirely new thread, then clicked "show this" on that new post, then came back to reply here and the picture box is now available.

I had to click "hide this", then "show this", to get it to work. It's like the default is to be in "show this" mode, but it doesn't work without a toggle off and then back on. The only way for me to toggle back on was to open and entirely new thread to get the "show this" option.

Thanks for the replyI knew there was a setting somewhere, but I could not find it. Figured it was a cookie issue, but actually it's a little bit more than that. I know there have been issues in the past, just something I haven't really looked at since I don't post much. I did successfully post a home PC picture yesterday so it was odd when I couldn't find the icon today on my work PC.

@Will Stewart - maybe a known issue?, but thought I would share if not.

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