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Yea, NoVA (sux) was the only place where I saw it really bad. Had two

incidents where both were hispanic dudes that were completely at fault and got a subtle honk and that set them off like there was no tomorrow. One was even at 7:30AM when I had my two sons on board with bikes on the car & this moran comes into the lane while merging onto the beltway from Annandale. This guy raced around us, stopped short, got over into the emergency lane, then tried the swerving into the lane while screaming/yelling shaking fist at us. The TSO had a guy punch her window at a stop light and I had another who simply wouldn't move when the light turned green, got to the middle of the intersection stopped his car, got out and wanted to fight in the middle of the intersection....Just crazy stuff. Glad I no longer live there!

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Posted: 06/11/2021 at 11:20AM


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