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Ok, watched the video. I think it's starting to come together for me how

this works. I tried to take a stab at figuring this out before watching the end of the video. It reminded me of some things I've read/seen/watched about wind turbines for energy, a topic obviously similar, but perhaps a little better researched. So I found this -

"Wind turbine blades generate lift with their curved shape. The side with the most curve generates low air pressure, while at the same time high-pressure air beneath forces on the other side of the blade-shaped aerofoil. The net result is a lifting force perpendicular to the administration of flow of the air over the turbine’s blade. The trick here is to design the rotor blade in such a way as to create the right amount of rotor blade lift and thrust, producing optimum deceleration of the air and therefore better blade efficiency."

The key in that which explains how this could capture more energy is this: "design the rotor blade [to produce] optimum deceleration of the air". So, if air can be decelerated by a wind turbine, then more energy is being captured. If you can somehow feed that to your wheels as kinetic energy, you are in business. I guess in the moving vehicle, the key to creating the drag which causes that is having it fed by your wheels. Somewhere in the equation of all those variables is how you need X wind before it starts going. That's not too far off from how the video explains the effect.

That said, I can't explain why that happens, but wind turbine/airfoil research is a little less skepticism inducing.

I'm probably wrong.

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