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oo7 peeps: ...does this square with you? So, I read on Sean last nite and

MOST reviews of all the oo's have Sean Conerly numeral uno as oo7 goes. Granted.

Most masculine. Scores very high on sex appeal with the wimminz species.
Very hands-on. Gritty/gamey. Nothing P.C. or pussy-cat need apply here.
Sean went to a feminist rally and left with his shirt freshly ironed.
Highlander bonus points and a physically BIG stature Bond too.
Then Rog' Moore was mo' Glib. Mo' pithy. Played a less hands-on Bond;
with more satire/humor. Not as strict. Not as dark. Tho' pretty decent...

Then a lotta other Bond's did anywhere between C--- and B+++ work.
A mixed bag. Some better or lessor at this/that...

Then however we see James Blonde. Or Daniel Craig.
Who the reviews said is actually *the closest* (or best) portrayal of oo7
when you see/read what was really in Ian Fleming's bookish double-oh make.
So, is Daniel really the closest/most accurate Bond?
Does this make Daniel the beta behind the Alpha-Sean? Or even #1?

(or for that matter, do you favor: Moore, Hutton, Pierce, or George best of all?)



Posted: 05/06/2021 at 8:46PM


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