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Broken fingertip

My off hand was nicked during full contact stick fighting. I was training to fight in a Dog Brothers open weekend, and I badly needed the sparring. I saw stars but finished the round and then completed a couple more with that hand pretty much out of play. Had to put that finger in a bottle of ice water for 2 days. I think extreme pain in an extremity is easier to deal with. To the day that top joint on the left ring finger really doesn't bend much nor does it extend fully. To add to the joy, I also developed a labral tear in my right hip throwing roundhouse kicks. Was on a TDY in Hawaii and was crawling on the lava rocks on Sunset Beach to see the tide pools, and something in the hip gave. Had to crawl back on two hands, one leg. Worst plane ride ever. Surgery a week later.

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Posted: 05/05/2021 at 05:53AM


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