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Let's do another exercise about the interviews you posted

I haven't watched them. Any of them. So I may be wrong. But looking at that list, it looks like fluff. Stuff about players, who they are and then, I am assuming, cliches about the season. Do any of those interviews say things from coaches or leaders like:
- "WR X is the guy who will take the top off defenses, he's our speed guy?"
- RB Y is the battering ram at the goal line, we've had issues on short yardage before, he is the answer"
- "Our offense is base don a 60-40 pass/run mix, so the development of our QB and WRs is more important than the run game for this season"
- "I think our biggest challenges are Miami and UNC to win the Coastal, based on what I know today. We'll need to be ready for their strength more than speed."

Are there any comments about who is doing well in scrimmages?
Any comments about who is emerging as a potential starter who we have not really heard about?
Any comments about quarterback progress in real terms, not cliches?
Any stats about scrimmages and stats?

I can go on, but you get a sense of what I am asking. I think people say it has been quiet because we aren't much interested in fluff pieces. We want to know how the team is playing, what its strengths and weaknesses are and how the coaches are addressing them. Of course some things are confidential, I get that. But I don't see any discussions about anything like the points above, so I assume they aren't being addressed in those interviews.
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