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Let me do an exercise with folks in this thread.

I'm going to list the coaches and players who have done press conferences since February 1st, and when they did them. I'm also going to list other media opportunities we've had, plus features that have been released by VT via social media (in this case, just YouTube).

The reason I picked that date: the football schedule was released at the end of January (the 28th), and a few days later, J.C. Price was hired (February 2nd). In looking over our archives, since then there have been many appearances by coaches and players in front of the media.

When I'm done, I'll post links to our football article archives, so you can step through them and see what we're producing, and I'll post a link to hokiesports YouTube, so you can see all the videos that have come out.

My point is to let everyone know what is out there, and to determine if the comments about "lack of access/info" are the results of (1) not having seen what's out there, or (2) having seen it, yet thinking it's not enough. Because those are two different discussions.

Ready? Here we go .... PC means "press conference" ... basically a Zoom call with the media at this point.


Feb. 3: Justin Fuente PC (45 minutes)
Feb. 10: Justin Hamilton PC (23 minutes)
Feb. 10: Brad Cornelsen PC (26 minutes)
Feb. 15: Jack Tyler on "Conversations with Coaches" (video, 9 minutes)
Feb. 16: J.C. Price on "Conversations with Coaches" (video, 8 minutes)
Feb. 16: Brock Hoffman PC (12 minutes)
Feb. 16: James Mitchell PC (13 minutes)
Feb. 16: Dorian Strong PC (20 minutes)
Feb. 22: Ryan Smith on "Conversations with Coaches" (video, 10 minutes)
Feb. 23: Justin Fuente on "Conversations with Coaches" (video, 10 minutes)
Feb. 24: Jack Tyler PC (22 minutes)
Feb. 24: J.C Price PC (15 minutes)
Feb. 27: "Get to Know" Jordan Williams (video, 5 minutes)
Mar. 2: Norell Pollard PC (3 minutes, haha)
Mar. 2: Luke Tenuta PC (7 minutes)
Mar. 2: Tayvion Robinson PC (7 minutes)
Mar. 2: Adam Lechtenberg PC (16 minutes)
Mar. 2: Ryan Smith PC (20 minutes)
Mar. 6: "Get to Know" Tae Daley (video, 5 minutes)
Mar. 9: VT Football Weight & Meeting Room Reveal (video, 1 minute)
Mar. 10: Jalen Holston PC (7 minutes)
Mar. 10: Jon Tenuta PC (6 minutes)
Mar. 10: Bill Teerlinck PC (20 minutes)
Mar. 12: Weight Room Walkthrough feat. Ben Hilgart (video, 3 minutes)
Mar. 14: Justin Fuente PC (26 minutes)
Mar. 15: Dax Hollifield PC (11 minutes)
Mar. 15: Braxton Burmeister PC (10 minutes)
Mar. 23: Jermaine Waller PC (7 minutes)
Mar. 23: Tae Daley PC (8 minutes)
Mar. 23: Tre Turner PC (12 minutes)
Mar. 23: Raheem Blackshear PC (5 minutes)
Mar. 26: VT allows media into Pro Day, including TSL
Mar. 26: Justin Fuente Pro Day PC (24 minutes)
Mar. 26: Khalil Herbert Pro Day PC (8 minutes)
Mar. 26: Divine Deablo Pro Day PC (12 minutes)
Mar. 26: Christian Darrisaw Pro Day PC (11 minutes)
Mar. 26: Caleb Farley Pro Day PC (20 minutes)
Mar. 31: Jafar Williams PC (10 minutes)
Mar. 31: Vance Vice PC (15 minutes)
Mar. 31: Chamarri Conner PC (8 minutes)
Mar. 31: Lecitus Smith PC (19 minutes)
Apr. 1: All Access: Mic'd Up w/ Lecitus Smith and Vance Vice (video, 8 minutes)
Apr. 1: VT allows media, including TSL, into 75 minutes of practice. We also toured the expanded weight room and SAPC
Apr. 8: Justin Fuente PC
Apr. 8: Drake Deiuliis PC
Apr. 8: DT Mario Kendricks PC
Apr. 8: LB Alan Tisdale PC
Apr. 8: DT Jordan Williams PC

By my count, that's:
4 PC's by Justin Fuente
9 PC's by assistant coaches (Shibest the only one missing?)
19 PC's by current players
4 PC's by former players (Pro Day)
4 "Conversations with Coaches"
2 "Get to Know" videos
-- and a handful of other videos and features, including an awesome "mic'd up" feature, plus we actually got to go to a practice (faints)


What are everyone's thoughts on seeing the full list? I have a few thoughts, but I'll keep them to myself for now.

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