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I think Sands is behind the downfall of VT football

I'm sure this post will get lambasted by many.

He took over in 2014 and it's pretty much been downhill since then. Beamer retired shortly thereafter, and things are generally falling apart in my view.

I think he has de-emphasized football in favor of sports equality and we are now just one of many. There is nothing special about VT football any longer. Our brand has evaporated.

It is quite obvious they (Babcock and Sands) are trying to copy UVa, who only has a close to 10-1 advantage on endowments and many billionaire alum who give A LOT to the university. The Jones family comes to mind. They also have about 100 years of additional history to lean on.

I don't think our program will change at all until he is gone, but that may or may not be good for VT as a whole. We are more well-rounded probably but as far as football we are Cal Berkley.

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