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Interesting watching the evolution of pack behavior between Bodie & Jessie.

He's 5 and she's not quite 2. He came from assimilation with family and home life and she came from an almost feral existence before the rescue group found her.

Bodie's got a pretty set daily routine, and was way past house training before we adopted him in May. Jessie had no real "routine", and house training, while it's beginning to take hold, is ongoing. He goes out to do his bidness in the back yard and comes in like clockwork; Jessie loved to go out and race around but had to be corralled to come back inside. Now she's beginning to go out and come in when Bodie does. She even goes to poop where he poops now.

He never once chewed up stuff that wasn't dog stuff to chew; Jessie's finally trained us to put things she can't have out of reach.

We watch TV downstairs until we go to bed upstairs. Bodie began heading upstairs on his own a few months ago while we continued watching the tube, but Jessie would stay down with us. Now, a few minutes after he goes up, she follows. He gets up for a night pee, and now she's up with him.

They have a ball together, racing and chasing each other around the back yard. She is so much smaller than Bodie, and yet she can herd him, dance around and nip at him then run away and he'll chase her down behind a stand of four Leyland cypress we have in a back corner. Then they stop, hide behind the trees and suddenly he'll come racing out with HER on HIS tail. I'll have to get some video. Fun times here; screw COVID.

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