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Update on my son....

I shared with you a bit about my son a few months ago. Well, he just won the MVP at a tournament in Salt Lake City this weekend. He is 15 and plays for a 16U club from San Diego. It was amazing watching them dismantle every team they faced in SLC. The competition had no answer for their athleticism and quickness.

A couple of you asked me to describe him in a previous exchange. The closest analogue that I can come up with that you would all be familiar with is Chris Clarke. He will be approximately the same size, maybe a shade taller and heavier. His game and athleticism are very similar to Chris. In the NBA the closest corollary would be Jimmy Butler. My son doesn't have Butler's offense game yet, but he has time to develop it.

I will be putting together a highlight tape over the next several months with the goal of submitting it to the VT coaches in the spring.

Posted: 10/13/2020 at 1:29PM


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