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Last summer it was hummingbirds, this year it's brown toads.

(that's toads, not turds)

This little creature has been hiding/living/quarantining under a patio downspout splash block. Since I lift the blocks up to mow around them, I have to make sure he scoots about 5' to his right to hide in a dense mint garden we have outside our back patio door.

There's so little nomenclature on toad schooling, but I still feel like he understands that I lift the block, shoo him into the mint forest, then replace the block so he can go home.

Once I've mowed and have replaced the block he sneaks back out and gets under the block again. This has been going on for over a month.

This sequence of pix gives me an opportunity to share my toad story with all you other devoted amphibiophiles. Enjoy!

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