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You avoided actually addressing my point about you ignoring facts and data

that doesn't suit you. You do so b/c you have no logical reason for it. Just like you have no logical reason for not wearing a mask. You want to believe what you want to believe as evidenced by your increasingly unhinged self Q and A at the end there (that of course you provided none of the facts or evidence that you seem so desperate for). Weird how you demand unfailing proof for anything you disagree with and provide almost nothing for the stuff you spew.

You seriously believe the increase in cases in the South is caused by illegal immigrants? Am I understanding that right? That's what you're going with? You seriously believe that anyone forced sick people into nursing homes to intentionally inflate the death toll? Emphasis on that last part. I appreciate you confirming that you won't believe any test numbers regardless of where they come from. You proved my point expertly. I'm also glad that you acknowledge that this "trivial" virus has killed over 100,000 Americans in a few short months (well sort of... you kind of talked out of both sides of your mouth on that one). Baby steps but I'll take em.

Again no one is saying you have to believe everything the media says. No one. Believing everything or only one source or whatever But you refuse to believe anything that anyone says that doesn't fit your narrative. And at the same time you willingly believe anecdotal evidence in the event that it does fit your narrative. Thanks for the laugh about the illegal immigrants stuff though. I hadn't heard that one. It really establishes your conspiracy theory bonafides.

I truly hope that you and your loved ones don't end up catching this "trivial" virus. I also hope that no one around you (known or unknown) ends up suffering due to your own intentional ignorance. Again I will implore you to read and educate yourself before you end up hurting yourself or someone else. Have a good evening and stay safe!

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Posted: 06/30/2020 at 6:46PM


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