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Well, it DOES infringe on someone's else's freedom.

If we're talking about government compelling behavior for the greater good -- of course the compelled behavior infringes on freedom. It doesn't infringe on "freedom" or a "sense of freedom." It actually infringes on people's actual freedoms. Now, some people will feel that constraining and compelling people beyond what is typical in our society is completely justified at this time and that the "greater good" outweighs personal freedoms. Others may feel as though such personal freedoms are sacred and should never be infringed upon. Or they may feel that once government constrains and compels behavior a bit, it makes it easier for them to do it a bit more and more -- and so the concern is a slow erosion of rights and freedoms.

People who trust in the intentions and competence of government are inclined to have little issue with a little infringement. People are more mistrusting of the intentions and competence of government are inclined to have a BIG problem with such infringement.

Either way, let's not pretend that when government issues edicts about where you can go, when you can go there, what you must where, etc., they are exercising greater control over the citizenry and that IS a reduction of freedom.

Again, some will say it's justified and others will say it is not -- but it IS happening.
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