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In terms of the quality of the 4 transfers from your other post, Dail is certainly better than any #2 on the roster and would compete for #1 as she dared as good or better than Rochard freshman year. I love Darby Trull, fact is that Miller started over Trull freshman year and has continued to improve. Clarke would not be a starter on this team today I don’t believe.

In terms of the board responses in question, they were sarcastic and biting at the very least which is fine and so I can take it. They essentially said shut up and enjoy the 45+ wins. That’s not good enough for me. I suggested they perhaps be more humble and open to the possibility of other things going on. I did share the facts that the departure trend is not comparable to other big time programs.

In terms of the transfers over the past 2.5 years, the numbers are higher than average. As a 40+ year active Hokie Club member, scholarship donor etc, I love to see our programs have success. We all want that elusive National Championship. But we have also learned through the years in several sports, how and why we win is important as well. I love the talent on this softball team right now. Fact is we have had talent in the softball program for several years. Thomas was able to bring in the talent but especially in his last few years he had difficulty developing that talent. The fresh air brought in by D’Amour brought an immediate hitting lift (note improvement by Nolan, Strouth etc). Rochard has developed for sure but the rest of pitching development has not, and then further impacted by the departures of Dail and Eberle. And yes this team is positioned for the most success we have had in softball for many years.

In terms of further backing up my alternative view, I explained the trend wasn’t consistent with other successful big time programs. I stated that many of these transfers were not leaving only their own. They were shown the door and most of the time had nothing to do with softball performance. And yes I am familiar with specific facts on these situations that folks on here wouldn’t like to hear. That’s why I offered to take it offline and will again. There were specific ways in which Miller and Clarke were cut. Dail was forced out. Eberle’s transfer was more complicated than grad school. Two of this years transfers were about “not good enough to play”, but 3 others didn’t have anything to do with playing time and they were forced out. The one to two additional ones coming, again have nothing to do with playing time. Hopefully that’s enough for you now. If you want more details I suggest we keep it off the board.

Rest assured per the initial post, there is something going on.

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