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Article about Dara Mabrey Transfer

Even though she is officially gone now, I thought some on here would like to see this article and I have a few thoughts.

Some people on other boards and articles seem to think that this was in the plan from the beginning to build her resume and then transfer to Notre Dame. I never felt that, but some are pointing that out on other boards and articles. But seeing that made me think more about our position at Virginia Tech.

As a school are we potentially seen as a stepping stone for some players to get to larger programs that have a realistic chance of competing for a National Championship? Maybe kids that get time playing in a big conference that become WNBA potential and decide to enter the transfer portal and see if a more recognized school shows interest in them. Notre Dame sucked last year but they are expected to turn it around and compete again for a National Championship. Seems like schools like us will never be at that level and kids that want to make it to the WNBA and have a realistic shot at it, does not want to go to a school where their chances are diminished due to not having a legacy of excellence and a huge following and support system. Even though that should not matter. Just seems like some schools in the ACC and other conferences are limited in what they can offer compared to other schools in terms of a player getting to the next level or winning championships. Not that we haven't had kids get to the next level but it is rare compared to other schools. I hope kids don't go to school thinking they will just be there long enough to transfer to another school. Again I am not saying this was Dara's intention at all, I think her not playing point guard was the main reason, but just made me think of how schools like us can never live up to other schools if kids have a chance to go there instead, and if that is the case will we always be a school just thankful to get into the NCAA Tournament.

Quotes from article:

“I kind of knew I needed to find a new home, so I put my name in the portal,” Mabrey said. “Let’s just stick with, I needed to find a new place to truly feel happy.” - Dara Mabrey

“I would say I would like to be labeled a point guard first,” Dara shared, “rather than stuck with being just a shooting guard, but really, maybe just a combo guard. I’m super, super excited that I’ll have somebody like Coach Ivey who can help me become a better point guard, because that’s what she was, but I’ll do whatever helps our team win. If you need me to bring the ball up the court, feed the post for one half, then get myself open for shots the second half, I’ll do that.”
- Dara Mabrey

This from another article:

One of the features Notre Dame had to offer was it’s annual championship aspirations, a realistic achievement to envision for the Irish year after year.

“It’s everything,” Mabrey said of vying for titles in South Bend. “No disrespect toward Virginia Tech...they compete for different things and I was happy to be part of that team. I’m looking forward to being on a team that is going to compete for a national championship. That is always the final goal at Notre Dame.”

Blazing Familiar Trail: Mabrey Transfers to Notre Dame utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral

Link: Dara Mabrey Article

Posted: 06/16/2020 at 10:57PM


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