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Whit's comments on the extra year of eligibility

Jon Laaser did a video chat with Whit Babcock yesterday about several topics (link to the entire conversation below) and the subject of the extended eligibility came up a couple of times. Sounds like they are still working to figure out the end result.

Here's a transcribed summary of some of his comments:

Interaction with the coaches with all the uncertainty: If I don’t know something, I tell them. We have been meeting every other day – more with the spring sports coaches because they are the ones immediately impacted. We know what the NCAA has put out and made permissible, but now we working through the position that the ACC or Virginia Tech may take on that. Coaches are in limbo, some of our student athletes are in limbo, and I hate that for them. It’s broader than just athletics. It’s an economic issue, it’s a health crisis. There’s a lot going on, a lot to consider. Hopefully, we'll be through it soon rather than later.

Spring Sports Eligibility and Impact on Virginia Tech: The NCAA said all that was “permissible.” Now each school or each conference is trying to figure out what they can do – what’s the right thing to do for our student athletes. How do we also not log jam our rosters where we can’t recruit incoming people. I understand why the NCAA did that, but it really makes it individual decisions with individual student athletes. Rather than give incorrect information, we’ve asked our coaches to hold on just a little bit longer until we have our hands around it. I empathize with our student athletes…Hopefully we can get it figured it out soon. We had a lot of students that missed opportunities, whether it was graduation or their last semester in college. It’s just a sad situation.

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Link: Whit and Jon Lasser

Posted: 04/08/2020 at 5:03PM


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