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So where do the Hokies go from here...

Theres still some season left to play, but I want to dive into the offseason and going forward just a little

First, VT currently has zero scholarships available. I highly doubt it ends up that way, and could have as many as 3 scholarships available before next fall. I wont speculate because I have zero inside information on that, but I'll give you my tier of priorities for who might fill those spots.

If you have 1 scholarship...

It has to go to David N'Guessan. He just took an official to VT. He is a highly skilled 4-man similar to Nolley. He is a notch lower than Nolley shooting the ball, but still a very capable shooter. He is, however, a much better playmaker than Nolley. A better athlete, he has the potential to affect both ends of the floor.

If you have 2 scholarships

I would go with 2 bigs, with N'Guessan and Abou Ousmane being my top 2 on the board. N'Guessan from above is an obvious choice, but Ousmane would be a little harder to pick up. He has offers from Rutgers, Texas A&M and Saint Louis. Maryland might also get in the picture as well. He is a Brooklyn kid, so Rutgers may be a tough pull. He was committed to Cleveland State for 2019, but changed his mind and reclassified to 2020. He is a lot like Jeff Allen (cue the fouling jokes) in that he doesnt look overly athletic, but glides across the floor. Very good hands, can dribble the ball well and a good passer as well. Very good touch, but not sure about his shooting range. He has the form to be able to extend his range though. I love him as a prospect.

If VT were to land Bamisile, Maddox, N'Guessan and Ousmane, it would be a better class than last season.

If VT has 3 scholarships...

I'm not as high on Carter Whitt as others are. He certainly has some good traits, and if he goes to the right fit, he can have a very good college career. I think for what VT is currently lacking, he doesnt check those boxes. For instance, if VT were missing Bede, Cone or Bamisile/Maddox, then it would make more sense. But if he reclassified into 2020, I think VT could do better at that spot in 2021.

I would like to see them offer another big who would be a redshirt candidate like Daniel Batcho or someone with high upside and needing to work on their body.

If it shook out this way, I think next year's squad is as versatile as you can hope for them to be. This really opens up how you can gameplan and attack opponents. You have players that fit your system, but also players who do many things differently than their counterparts at the same position. So when VT is holding a lead late, you have a squad of good passers and rebounders to take care of the ball and ice away the win. You have a potent offensive lineup to get you back into games and put away opponents. You can go small, you can go big. You have a good mix of players who have been in the system a full year and players who are skilled but need to learn.

Most importantly, you have players who arent going to be rentals. When they leave VT, they will have 4 full seasons in the system, and when those classes are close together like the last 2 classes, it means highly skilled, deep and versatile classes who are very experienced college players. That's how you compete for championships.
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