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Here’s the difference:

Even if we tried to cheat the same way Miami did to win nattys, we couldn’t do it. We don’t have the mansions, the partying, the glitz and glamor like Miami does. You need to think like a recruit...most of these guys want to make millions and be a star in the nfl. They can get exposure to that type of life when the college they attend is near an urban area like Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans, etc. a recruits definition of QOL is much different than the average college student.

And if you take QOL out of this chart, I’d say it’s pretty consistent and accurate. You can’t look at one piece of the data and then justify that the whole analysis is wrong. Name another category on the chart (not QOL) where we should be ranked 1-5? Please. No one has done this yet other than QOL.

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Posted: 09/12/2019 at 1:34PM


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