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This post is just as silly as sky is falling. All for optimism but cmon...

Speaking like Clemson is just a matter of overcoming Lawrence and not their yearly tremendous talent and superior staff and support and money is extremely naive.

Fu is still proving whether or not he is the man for the job. This yr and next are big ones for that. You can hype him all you want, but the jury is still out. Recruiting needs more improvement if there is any chance of what you are claiming happening.

CAN Fu win coastal titles? Sure. The division often sucks, so frankly he should.

Can Fu win the ACC? Maybe. But not the way he’s currently going. Program will need to step up big time.

You are really trying to discount just how far apart VT and Clemson are. It’s not close. And to be clear it isn’t close for just about every other program not named Bama.

One ‘almost’ game 3 yrs ago because of one player that still ended up as an L doesn’t mean the gap is closing. If anything it’s growing.

Right now for me I just want to see Fu lead this program to a 10 win season and a coastal title / ACC title APPEARANCE with a roster of HIS players.

Schedule is atrocious this yr, young’ins getting older, and bad seeds gone, so this SHOULD be a very strong season. Still won’t be the full proof needed because of the pitiful SOS, but it could at least get the program back on the right track and juice up the excitement and perception again.

I’m pretty optimistic about that at least, so I’m with you there. The rest I am very much ‘let’s see’.

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Posted: 06/12/2019 at 09:02AM


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