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My experience with him hasn't been around game time, not even close

the guy isn't ready to be the face of a DI P5 program
P5 coaches need to be GM's, they need to sell what isn't saleable ,
they need to surround themselves with Coaches that aren't yes men
Beamer wasn't ready when he got to VT and after he was made to shuffle the dead weight on his staff he stepped up.
He brought on coaches that weren't yes men, and they helped him be a GM and a salesman.
FU is no where ready when it comes to recruiting for prime time P5 football.
Our recruiting system is a cluster fark at best- his program management is horrid.
There is no way VT should have been in the JUCO market last year battling Troy and GA SO for leftover players.
I'm not sure when I see some of the players we are going after if VT is really fishing in the right pond - we aren't competing for 5 stars and some 4 four stars we are competing with guys whose only offers are from weak ass DI or lower level schools
And before you ask, no I don't have confidence is our coaches making every offer a diamond in the rough no one else noticed.
We're taking flyers on kids in May and struggling to close position of need.
We have had the top players in VA blow us off at positions of need, specifically RB.
How can FU not sell that is beyond me going on 4 years in a row.
We have not developed a QB under FU
Evans was a proven commodity, Jackson was recruited by Loefler, Willis was a walk on transfer
that we were damn lucky to have last year - Hooker was a star until he got here, QP was the future until we basically have 5 more QBs in the program now
Yeah and add to it his aloof attitude in public and i'm not impressed nor happy with his slow on the job training
did I mention he led us to a losing record last year
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