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I'm calling it now...

A portion of our fan base will practice the worst kind of hindsight bias -- repeatedly claiming they "knew that play wouldn't work" when a play doesn't work but failing to recognize all the times the same play is successful.

This lovely portion of the fan base will persist in blissful obliviousness -- genuinely believing they have greater play-calling wisdom than a professional offensive coordinator. Their inability to identify even the simplest aspect of the opposition's defensive scheme will serve as absolutely no impediment to their exquisitely undeserved but absolute belief that they know what they're talking about. At no point will even a modicum of objectivity seep into their thoughts.

Any degree of success by the VT offense will be shrugged off as a lucky anomaly or as an example of the tremendous capability of the players to overcome the sheer ineptitude of the VT coaches. All failures and mistakes serve as obvious and clear validation that the coaches are utterly incompetent.

The "incompetence conclusion" is so self-evident that considering any additional factors or the possibility of a multivariate explanation is a complete and utter waste of time. Anyone even suggesting that additional factors contribute to failures or mistakes is a Fu and Corny sycophant.

This is what I'm calling...and I'm calling it now.

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Posted: 05/13/2019 at 11:14PM


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