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Follow-up re: the VMI game. We had front row seats behind VMI. No biggie

as the crowd was only 2-3 thousand, including the VMI Keydets. I was smoking a cigar (the good old days!)

VMI had an AA defensive lineman, and to get things warmed up, I yelled at him: "Hey buddy, I'm gonna take this cigar and shove it up your ass!" He was not happy.

Fortunately, field security pulled him off of the wall, as he was coming after me. Seeing that, the VMI fans came after me, so I hugged one of the few females there so they wouldn't kill me,

I then yelled to the player, "After the game, punk. Right here!"

Needless to say, I left with 2-3 minutes to go and walked over to where the tunnel was. I watched him come over to the stands and look for me. I was gone. He was pissed.....all the way back to the tunnel, where they used to go after the game. When he got to the tunnel (I was above), I yelled: "Where were you, bitch!". I think he actually exploded at that moment.

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Posted: 04/30/2019 at 11:01AM


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