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I don't think its going to play out like that...

First let me say again that there seems to be this popular sentiment that players are being shackled to their school and can not transfer. Thats not the case and never has been. One year they have to sit. If they graduate they do not have to sit at all. Thats fair. Has worked for everyone for many years. No one's dreams have been squashed by the one year rule. Its gives some favor the the school that agreed to hand the kid a huge financial investment in their schollie and support services. At the same time the player can still make a move if its truly in his best interest to go elsewhere.
As for scenarios for the Bamas and Clemsons, there are any number of ways things can play out case by case. However day to day the big boys are still going to get the upper hand. Other than a QB or a kicker, the Bamas and Clemsons are not going to lose anyone off their two deep very often. The back up DT or Guard or 4th receiver aren't leaving those programs as rule. So if a 3rd or 4th string guy leaves they replace him with a 5 star recruit or some lower program's standout that they lure away. Net gain for the blue bloods. Meanwhile a VT gets their 3rd or 4th teamer who despite the blue chip rating out of high school, is just a mediocre player.
So the rich get richer.

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Posted: 02/11/2019 at 6:11PM


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