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The schedule issue is about money and the availability of good teams who

will play home and home series. Fans that won’t buy tickets because of short and long term scheduling issues will be/ are part of the problem. VT has some good marquee teams on future home and home schedules, but also some not so hot teams (Liberty, ODU, ECU - if they show up) because of financial issues. It’s difficult to schedule on a short term basis unless you are willing to pony up $500k to $1 million or more for G-5 competition, and our finances are not such to do that right now.

So, it’s basically a Catch 22 scenario at this point. Do you punish the school for a scheduling situation that arose because a school (that a lot of TSL posters wanted an end to the long term relationship anyway) cancelled a game and where we could not work out a neutral site game for the coming season (which subsequently resulted in the cancellation of games at that school’s home site), or do you acknowledge it was a bad situation and move forward?

(In response to this post by Tombo)

Posted: 02/11/2019 at 4:37PM


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